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statement of concerns

On Paying Attention to Her Dreams

     My Native American maternal grandmother taught me to pay very close attention to my dreams.  “For dreams are more truthful and meaningful than the experiences we have when we are awake.  Not only do dreams reflect our innermost thoughts and desires, but they also tell us of our past and present, enlightening us to the paths and future events that lie ahead in our journey through life.”

     Grandmother shared her insight with the many who came to her asking for help in interpreting and predicting the future destined to come true.  She was a very spiritual woman who relied on a Greater Power to give her guidance.  She did not feel this was a gift unique to her and was certain everyone had the ability to convey this knowledge.  It was that most people had been discouraged at an early age from paying close attention to rely on this information.  She felt it was her duty to help restore this innate ability.

     This idea was mesmerizing to me then and still is today.  I am grateful that I believed all that I learned from my grandmother and never questioned her teachings.  I have continued to pass this gospel on to my children.  Places and events I have visited in my dreams have come to pass in the physical, but even more exciting are the many not yet realized in my waking hours.

     Just as my grandmother’s life was dedicated to listening and working with others to uncover hidden truths, I have for the past twenty-five years been creating very personal photographic images that involve the active participation of others.  Sets are built in my studio depicting scenes dealing with gender roles, family relationships, past life regressions and times.  My subjects are allowed to act out their dreams, fantasies and feelings not evident in their everyday lives.  The images created are often referenced to paintings in the manner in which subjects were rendered by “old masters.”

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